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Name: Sam Langford
Sport: Boxing
Inductee Type: Athlete
Year Inducted: Original
Home Town: Weymouth Falls, Digby County

Biography: Sam Langford was born on March 4, 1886 in Weymouth Falls, Nova Scotia. He was a world-class boxer who became famous as "The Boston Tar-Baby". Langford fought his first professional bout at age 16 and continued to fight professionally from 1902 to 1923.

The Canadian Press labeled him the "fighter of the Half-century", while the New York Journal described him as "the greatest fighter, pound for pound, that ever lived."

Langford was often referred to as the "Uncrowned Heavyweight Champion of the World." He soundly defeated the world champions in both the middleweight and light-heavyweight classes. Unfortunately, he was never allowed the chance to challenge for the heavyweight championship title, simply because he was black.

With an official professional record of 252 fights, 99 knockouts and only 19 losses, he surely would have been a contender for the title. Langford has held several International Boxing Championships and was ranked by Ring Magazine as the seventh-best heavyweight in the history of boxing. He exhibited exceptional footwork and had tremendous punching power in both of his hands.

It was said that Langford took punches like a rubber ball - he just kept bouncing back. Sam Langford was elected to America's Boxing Hall of Fame in 1955, as well as Canada's Sports Hall of Fame, and the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame.
Facts: • Known as "The Boston Tar-Baby"
• Fought his first professional bout at age 16
• Canadian Press: "Fighter of the Half-century"
• NY Journal: "The greatest fighter that ever lived"
• Defeated the light-weight world champion
• Defeated the middle-weight world champion
• 252 total fights, only 19 losses
• 7th best heavy-weight in the history of boxing
• Elected to America's Boxing Hall of Fame, 1955
• Elected to Canada's Sport Hall of Fame
Links: http://www.novamuse.ca/index.php/Detail/objects/9737
Photos: Langford,_Sam.jpgIMG_0002.jpgIMG_0006.jpglangford1.jpglangford2.jpgsam.langford1.jpgsam.langford2.jpg

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